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Guide To Selling

selling-sSelling your property is a complex process, but there are certain steps you can follow to make it as smooth as is possible.

When you sell your property through Look Estates, our friendly and experienced staff will be there to help and support you every step of the way.

Find out more about the benefits of selling your property through us.

Step 1 - Preparing to sell
When you are ‘dressing’ your property to sell, although it may if you live in the property be your home at the moment, you are presenting it to be someone elses.

You should aim to get the property in the best condition you can given the constraints of time and money.  Any small DIY tasks that can be done without too much fuss, should be first on your list.

Soon you will be packing away your belongings, so now is a good time to make a start and de clutter, too many small personal items will make it difficult for a buyer to imagine themselves living in the property.

First impression count so you should also consider the outside of your property and how it will look to a buyer.

If you are uncertain of what you should and shouldn’t do, we are more than happy to advise you.

Step 2 - Valuation
Once you are ready a valuation of your property is the next step.  A marketing price will be assessed and your property will be put onto ‘the market’; thus meaning all advertising will commence and your property will start being offered to potential buyers.

If you would like to request a Free Valuation from us please contact the branch or alternatively click here

Step 3 - Instructing legal representation
It is sensible at this stage to instruct legal representation.  This will help things move along more quickly and efficiently once a buyer has been found, avoiding any unnecessary delays at the beginning of the transaction.  You should appoint a ‘no sale, no fee’ conveyance.

Step 4 - Viewings
So you have put your property onto the market, now is when you will start to have potential buyers come to view your property.  Although it can be hard work it is important that you try whenever practical, to keep your property viewing friendly.  If you have children this may be difficult, viewers will understand, but try to keep beds made, washing up done and the property generally tidy.

Estate Agents whenever possible should always accompany viewings.  We accompany all our viewings when during work hours and some even out of hours.  Consider that buyers generally work so evening and weekend viewings are likely.

Step 5 - Offers

When a buyer is interested in your property they will make an offer.  If a buyer makes you an offer at the property, however tempting it may be it is recommended that you do not proceed to negotiate.  We are highly experienced at negotiating offers and it is always in your best interest to allow us to do this for you.  Not only do we negotiate the offers but we will check their financial position and buying position.

You will informed of all offers verbally and in writing.

Step 6 - Offer accepted
Once you have accepted an offer you will instruct your legal representation on your sale.  Your buyer will do the same and if applicable submit their full mortgage application.  The buyers mortgage lender will instruct for a survey to be carried out on your property for the purposes of lending.

Step 7 - Conveyancing Process
The process itself can take approximately 12 weeks, it can be faster or slower depending on various factors.  Your conveyance will communicate with your buyers legal representation in order to complete the transaction.  You will be required to provide identification and have paperwork to complete and sign

All of our sales are progresses by the staff in the branch ensuring that you feel comfortable and that you are assisted with any issues promptly.

Step 8 - Exchange
Once all the legals and finances are finalised, you will ‘exchange contracts’.  At this point a completion date is set which is mutually agreed between you and the buyer and any other buyers/sellers in the chain.  Once you have exchanged you are legally bound to sell the property as is the buyer legally bound to buy it.

Step 9 - Completion
On the day of completion the remaining monies will be transferred and you will have ‘sold’ your property.

Whether you are selling to purchase on or go into rented look estates will be able to help you, we have a good relationship with other Estate Agents even out of our area and are more than happy to assist you with your next property wherever it may be and whoever it may be with.