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After Sales Service

Once you have agreed an offer on your property the exciting prospect of a new home can sometimes be clouded by all the legal and financial responsibilities involved in finalising the sale.
It can be daunting for first time sellers and an unwanted time-consuming task for anyone in full time employment. There are so many things to remember, not to mention the obstacles that can stand in your way.

We provide clients with:
  • In-house sales progression
  • Regular updates
  • Support with paperwork
  • Expert knowledge

As your estate agents, we feel it is not just our job to find you a suitable buyer, but also to complete the transaction smoothly and swiftly by guiding you through the legal and financial minefield of selling.

All of our sales progression is carried out in branch, you will not be passed on to another office or department.  Assisting you from start to finish is very important to us as a lack of continuity is often what causes most stress.  You will find when it comes to our after sales service, your expectations will be more than delivered, after all it will be the branch staff that will have come to know you.

We will liaise with solicitors and the rest of the chain, coordinate time scales and investigate hold ups so that your move is a smooth one. You will be given regular updates of progress and support with paperwork you receive.  Our staff are highly skilled with a detailed knowledge of the conveyancing process and survey problems, this combined with a solution conscious attitude ensures that fewer sales fall through.

If you are currently selling a property through us and require assistance, please contact the branch for an immediate response.